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The Project
Plans are afoot to replace the existing Angel Harps panhouse structure with a a two-storey facility which will serve the present and future needs of the orchestra as well as other cultural and sporting needs of the community. 

Ground Floor
- A larger area for the band to practice
- A secure storage area for the band's instruments
- In-house toilet facilities
- A shop with secure storage facilities and running water 
- A Learning Center - a library and computer room
- An indoor games room which will be also used as a second pan room for teaching youths to play pan
First Floor
- Conference/Meeting Room
- Toilet facilities 
- Bar facilities
- Concert/Community Hall
- Balcony overlooking the playing field
Angel Harps Steel Orchestra has occupied its present home since 1973. During this time the following has occured:
  • The band has grown from a membership of approximately 30-35 persons to a present day membership in excess of 100 persons.
  • The band's assets, namely its instruments, has also grown in number to match the increased amountr of persons playing with the band.
  • Through the Learners Programme, which has been in existence for the last twenty years, the band now has two seperate groups using the pan house facility. The senior orchestra and the Junior Development Programme.
  • In addition, the band conducts a number of pan tutoring programmes from September to April annually. In 2008 these programmes involved over 150 persons using the pan house facility on a regular basis. They included groups from St. Louis RC Girls School, Anglican High School, T A Marryshow Community College and the annual Learners Programme. In the last 10 years the band has also been associated with programmes for St. George's University, Grenada School of Nursing and the Grenada Boys Seconday School.
  • The nature and construction of the existing building makes it a security liability and the pan house has been broken into on numerous occasions over the last 10 years.
  • The current structure does not have running water nor suitable in-door toilet facilities.
Benefits & Social Impact of the Project
The benefits of the infrastructural development indicated above are expected to be as follows:-
  • Greater utilisation of the bands instruments allowing more people to practice at the same time.
  • Proper and more sanitary bathroom facilities for the members especially the young women.
  • Secure storage facilities resulting in longer life of both instruments and stands preventing the need for regular replacements.
  • Full time operation of a store/shop thereby providing employment for at least two members of the orchestra and an additional source of revenue generation through the sale of CD’s, souvenirs and other steel band paraphernalia
  • Opportunities to introduce other areas of learning for members such as music theory, arrangement etc in a class room environment and to have access to research facilities through the library and computer room.
  • Ability to have multiple events at the same time.
  • Capability to introduce a number of indoor sporting disciplines to the membership such as table tennis and other board games.
  • Potential to enhance the finances of the orchestra through more fund raising activities.
  • Ability to stage concerts and other performances of the many groups that participate in the various learning programmes currently undertaken by the band.
  • Ability to tailor certain activities for the visitor market.
In addition to the benefits to Angel Harps listed above, the expanded facilities will also be available to all sports and cultural organizations which are based in the community and its surrounding areas.
These facilities will be available to other organisations in the community for meetings, conferences, training classes and as practice facilities for indoor sports such as table tennis as well as some types of fund raising events.
The meeting/conference room and bar facilities and balcony will also provide the potential to compliment hosting/hospitality arrangements at the Tanteen Ground for official events such as cricket, athletic meetings (sports events), etc.