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Angel Harps has a number of firsts when it comes to Grenadian steeelband folklore! Among them:
1st Grenadian Steel Band to do a recording,  1973.
Do you know the guys who made that recording? Brighter out of Darkness ?? OK, here goes:-
Clevoy 'Depo' Depradine, Dunbar Gibbs, Leroy 'Malu' Stephens, Michael "Boose" Cyrus, Cosley Boyke, Martin "Rabbit" Church, Arthur Coard, Albert "Doggies" Cox, David "Nesta Boy" Henry, Keith "Keithie" Rougier, David Williams, Richard Fraser, Kenneth "Dup" Dewsbery, Winston "Magga" Cummings, Dunbar Gibbs, Wilbert "Jet" Flavigny, Garson Williams, Taddeus "Speck Mecks" Williams, Bertrand "Bridgie" Bridgeman, Lincoln "Ming" Andrew, Robert "Sack" Coard, Michael "Pirate" Charles, Dominic "Clarkie" Clarke, Anthony "Sam" Bristol, James "Wakax" Clarkson, Evelyn Ross.
And what about the second album in 1978? As Prescribed!!
Derek Depradine, Roy "Salawah" Samuel, Orlando Thomas, David "Merry" Mitchell, Wilbur "Williby" Thomas, Wayne "Shorty" Depradine, Chris "Max" Harbin, Michael "Boose" Cyrus, Paul "Pablo" Sylvester, Robert "Ben" De Coteau, Eric Depradine, Bernard "Buck" Phillip, Colville "Kamau" McBarnette, Martin "Jumbie" Francois, Hugh "Hughie" Romain, Anthony "Judas" Milkson, Michael "Butterfly" DeCoteau, Alister "Yankeeman" Depradine, Finbar "Bread" Linton, Dominic "Scarface" Paul, Ulric Fraser, Michael "Masters" Mitchell, Antonia Bernard, Dominic "Clarkie" Clarke, Llewellyn "Bob" Archibald, Michael "Pirate" Charles.
Who is the first woman to play with Angel Harps?
Antonia Bernard who played a six bass in the mid to late seventies and was part of the group that recorded As Prescribed.
Only one member of Angel Harps has been involved in the first four Recordings that the band has produced. Who is he?
Michael "Boose" Cyrus.
One of the most successful periods the Harps has enjoyed is 1984-1993, during which the band won 6 panorama championships (1984, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1991 & 1993), had successful concerts in 1984 & 1986 mixing voices and steel, did a number of concerts with the Royal Grenada Police Force band, and recorded their fourth album "Serenade" in 1987.
Which year did Angel Harps place last in Panorama?
1986, placing 6th out of six bands
When did the Angel Harps Juniors first appear on the scene?
In 1992