Elias, Crispin Gibbs, Andy Isaac, Gregory
  Gibbs, Dunbar  
Emmanuel, Trevor    
  George, Alister  
  George, Frances  
Flavigny, Wilbur 'Jet'    
  Greasley, Cecil  
Fletcher, Della Greenidge, Eddie  
Fletcher, Terrence Greenidge, Kelvin  
Forbes, Carol Halley, Cordell  
Forsyth, Therese Harbin, Carl  
  Harbin, Chris  
Francis, Irvin Harbin, Colin  
Francis-Sealey, Melisa Harbin, Vaughn  
Francois, Joel Harris, Marvin  
Francois, Martin    
  Hood, Delronn  
Frank, Carlvin    
Frank, Dixon Hosten, Garvin  
Frank, SherryAnn    
Frank, Tamara Houston, Hudson 'Bap'  
Fraser, Reginald Howard, Imogene  
Fraser, Richard    
Fraser, Ulric Humphrey, Clyde  
Frederick, Austin Hypolite, Nigel  


Angel Harps

Much has changed from the early days to now. For one, the membership of the orchestra is more dynamic ranging in ages from age 9 to over age 55. Today the membership is almost split 50/50 among males and females most of whom have come through the band's Junior Programme and are still attending school. 

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