Radix, Glendale St. Bernard, Merry
    St. Paul-Olliviere, Claudia
  Richardson, Arnot 'Mafu' Sam, Edwin
Parkes, Charlene    
Parkes, Christopher   Samuel, Roy
Parkes, Maudsley   Samuel, Weekes
  Roberts, Carlyle  
Parris, Carlyle Roberts, Marcus Scott, Lester
  Roberts, Sabrina  
Patrick, Shevaughn   Seales, David
Patrick, Sanaka Rodd, Dominic Sealey, Kirk
Patrick, Salesha   Sealey, Michael
Patrick, Sherica Romain, Hugh  
  Romain, Tony Skeete, Andre
    Skeete, Bernard
Paul, Risa Ross, Arnold Skeete, Bruce
  Ross, Bernard Skeete, Elliott
Perez, Rene Ross, Merrydale Skeete, Jason
  Ross, Ruth-Ann Skeete, Kenneth
Pitt, James De Vere Ross, Tamar  
Pitt, Selwyn   Steele, Glenroy
  Rougier, Keith Smith, James
Phillip, Bernard 'Buck'   Smith, Nigel
Phillip, Christopher 'Layou'   Smith, Shem
Phillip, Cindy   Smith, Strobe
Phillip, Nicholas   Stafford, Nicholas
Phillip, Raechel    
Phillip, Robert   Stephen, Leroy
Phillip, Sharmalay    
Phillip, Stephon   Strachan, Selwyn
Pursoo, Najah   Stratton, Sureya
    Stroude, Karl
    Stroude, Shereen
    Sylvester, Brian
    Sylvester, Danielle Tara
    Sylvester, Jazelle
    Sylvester, Paul
    Sylvester, Richard


Angel Harps

Much has changed from the early days to now. For one, the membership of the orchestra is more dynamic ranging in ages from age 9 to over age 55. Today the membership is almost split 50/50 among males and females most of whom have come through the band's Junior Programme and are still attending school. 

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