River Road Pan Wizards was founded in 1983 by Kenneth "Teloti" Hood, a legend in Grenadian steelband lore. Prior to this Hood was associated with City Symphony Steel Orchestra, where as an arranger, he dominated the local panorama competitions.

In 1993, the band went through a period of dormancy and was reformed with new energy in 1996. In Pan Wizards, every effort is made to ensure that the orchestra is not just another steelband where people come to learn to play pan. Instead, we try to be a well rounded community organisation where all aspects of positive education can be sought. In this area the band is very fortunate to have a qualified youth counselling officer, Mr. Tyrone Buckmire, at its disposal. The band spends many hours educating youths about drug, alcohol and aids, sine the band comprises mainly of young people from ages 5 to 25.

The growth and maturity of the steel orchestra has been steady. The band moved from sixteen players and a borrowed canopy in 1996 to a projected 85 players and a fully canopied band in just three years, thanks to the dedication of the people of the River Road Community and the unwavering support of Coca Cola who were the sponsors of the band up until 2006.

River Road Pan Wizards is now sponsored by Steele's Auto Supplies and carry the name Suzuki Pan Wizards.

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Much has changed from the early days to now. For one, the membership of the orchestra is more dynamic ranging in ages from age 9 to over age 55. Today the membership is almost split 50/50 among males and females most of whom have come through the band's Junior Programme and are still attending school. 

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